Monday, 20 April 2009


Well, what a beautiful day we've had here in sunny northamptonshire :) Its being glorious, the garden has being given the chance to be spritzed a little more, the boys enjoyed running around causing havoc! joined by Wicket... whilst the bunnies roamed around munching on the grass. Kitties were upstairs asleep getting all their energy reserved for their night time prowl, hopefully no more 'half mice' to wake up to!
My honey is on nights again but I'm okay cause this started its second series tonight

Ashes to Ashes and I love it, groovy 80s tunes with a coooooool car - me love me cars :)

I'm starting a new business venture and fingers crossed it will pay off! So have being busy crafting with yummy wool felt and embroidery threads for days to get lots of samples together. I also have a craft fair on Sunday so busy fingers getting sorted for that.

Back soon x

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