Monday, 27 April 2009


Its days like yesterday that kinda put you off sitting at craft fairs :(
I've done a couple of craft fairs this year and done really well, made my table money back and added extra on top :) but yesterday sadly I didnt.

It was a brilliant turned out event, apart from a local councillor who found a poster board racist and offensive, and wanted it turned around out of view of people, now I have to say that this particular guy is white and british and a liberal democrat!!!!!! It was a white poster that looked like this

but the writing on it stated bits like 'St George, pride, british and faith' and its the 'faith' part he found offensive! I just dont get it, what is our country coming to when we cant even celebrate OUR history!
Anyway enough moaning, we did turn the board back round :) and had a great turnout, but sadly I just didnt sell much stock - oh well... we win some we lose some.Would like to get some new matching basket for stock so will keep look out for shabby chic looking ones :)


  1. Don't get me started on Brits that are too narrow minded/scared/pathetic/pc correct to admit that we DO have a Patron Saint, that IT IS OK to be patriotic to our Country and that WE TOO can celebrate our heritage/faith/religion or whatever else without fear that we will upset others.

    All too often I see that other nationalities & religions in Britain are encouraged to celebrate while Brits are discouraged in the name of political correctness/religious beliefs/breach of human rights.

    We all live here, we all have the right to celebrate our heritage in our own ways.

    So there!

    From a true and very proud English girl!

  2. That is a sad story, I am sorry about your sign but your table setup is just lovely!!


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