Monday, 15 June 2009

Buttons galore

For some time now I've being searching the net for vintage buttons! Do you know how much a job lot of these go for! Its ridiculous really! I've scoured the car boot and charity shops for them but everyone must have the same desire cause I just cannot find them, so I resorted to Ebay.
Some job lots of vintage buttons were going for over £30! with postage added on top!

Anyways I managed to bag myself some finally! Finally...
My dear sweet buddy Rosie popped over for coffee Friday night and I showed her my winnings and she was like 'oooh' and 'ahhhh' so we sat for at least a couple of hours! sorting them out into colours (I know sad arent we, but we do craft what do you expect!)
I have some amazing sets of gorgeous buttons which I can see being used on recycled wool brooches :) and there's going to be lots of bags and sets going in my Etsy store.
Rosie went home a tad happy too with a jar full of delicious buttons for all her help :)


  1. But she made me leave some for her!!!! hehe!

  2. what yummy buttons...such the purchase!!!

  3. Sorted them into colours?????

    My lips are sealed, but you know what I'm about to say.. that almost constitutes ribbon into colour land...


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