Saturday, 20 June 2009


I can read these!

Waterstones bookstore couldnt even order the Untamed book in! but they had stock of Hunted which is the book after! Very odd
I popped into WHSmith in the week and there it was :) I was a very happy bunny and can now finally crack on with what is happening in Zoe's very different life!

The House of Night series is brilliant, a very different take on the vampire world where humans know that they exist, and you are chosen by a 'mark' to become a vampire so then head off to 'The house of night school' ...

and I'll leave it there, a must read is all I can say


  1. ooooooooohooOoohh scarrrrry stuff!
    Haven't read any of these, I'm a very slow reader... but now I'm looking out for them!


  2. No wonder your a happy bunny Dee. Sound interesting. Enjoy! xx


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