Monday, 22 June 2009


Another new week and lots going on in our household but generally daily chores and jobs getting finished before new jobs can be started! so nothing super duper exciting but just busy busy busy :)
Yesterday we held a mini tea party for Daddy for Fathers Day - Jacks idea :)
It didnt - as ususal in our life - go to plan, Riley took sick as I was cooking and baking, but soon chirped up when he saw bubbles in the party bags! lol
We had these gorgeous cheese and bacon pastries, I found the recipe here we enjoyed them very much so thanks for the idea
Mini cupcakes and chocolates in favour boxes
and of course he didnt need reminding but we got Daddy this too


  1. Hey! You on flickr? I've uploaded all my Take That photos but I've kept them private.
    Give me your flickr address (or email addy if you're not on there) and I'll give you a "guest pass" so you can see them if you like!

  2. Hi Deanne...
    Looks like you all had fun!!!
    Those pasties look delish!!!hmmm
    Hope you and yours are well...
    Lots of loves:) xxx

  3. MMM....looks like a great party. Hope you had fun.xx

    Sorry to hear Riley is under the weather. Hope he's feeling better soon & you too hon.xx

    Off to check out your link I could do with some supper!!!

  4. You have some fab ideas babes, that all looks amazing.. I'm jealous!


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