Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Thanks to the rain my day got totally rearranged from a morning up the allotment to ironing! ~humf~

We have a friend in to finish painting the two rooms for us as Tels work is not giving him time to chill out and do the diy :( so I will defo have two completed rooms decor wise by thursday. I've ordered some awesome wall art from Etsy and of course once that arrives I will show you :) hehehe very exciting...

Trying to add a shoutbox to my forum but its just not happening soooo annoying, so if anyone knows what to do please shout my way :(

I'll leave you with these beauties :) available in my Etsy Store here
Perfect for girls of all ages dont you think :)


  1. Just turned my speakers on and there are choons! Awesome!

    I love those buttons too.

    Hope are well,
    lv nat xx


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