Wednesday, 29 July 2009


You know when you feel like your doing TOO MUCH!!! but you just dont quite know where to cut back!
I am in desperate need to get the house to how I want it to be, and to be honest it is nearly there I suppose, but because all the crafty goodness hasnt being moved back into its new room its becoming a bit of a headache to say the least having it in every available space around the house! (wowsers that makes me sound like I have tons of stuff, believe me I dont! Well I dont think so anyways)
I think Tel working away isnt helping but work is work and you gotta take it at the moment :(

I went to the doctors today about my general health as my IBS over the past few months has being at its worse since I first got told I had it well over ten years ago :( so i've being mega suffering with that which has made me feel a tad low I suspect, but alas I have a wonderful doctor and I am going to the hospital first thing in the morning for many many blood tests and hopefully something will come back from that to show any other problems that are related with my IBS, until then I have to cut back on my wheat!!! eek ... how hard is that ...

He also understands that due to Rileys behaviour that must also be adding a huge amount of stress so he expressed that that is probably a main cause of suffering quite bad at the moment :(

Anyways enough doom and gloom, i'll end by adding a rather strange deja vu moment that happened today! After our car accident on Friday and not knowing if they will take our poor BMW to the scrap heaven we decided to just have a glance around car showrooms over the weekend to see what was out there in our price range (very low one too lol) and we saw a gorgeous Mercedes A Class which neither of us had never seen before! both quite liked it and low and behold the hire car arrived today - only the blooming Mercedes!!!! How strange is that!!!

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  1. Wow! strange story Deanne.Everything happens for a reason!

    GOOD LUCK with your blood tests in the morning honey.xx

    Hope you soon feel straighter on the home front. I know its a pain having everything all over the place.

    Take care. XXX


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