Thursday, 16 July 2009


My gorgeous little boy had his Year 2 leavers assembly today. As I was filming them singing I could feel the sting in my eyes and knew if I blinked that would be it, I had the biggest lump in my throat, turned to my left to see a fellow mum blooming crying and that was it! I was gone - Thanks Jill! :)

I am so proud of where my little man is right now, he still has low confidence issues but is sooo much better than when he first started at school.

Today he won a Special Achievement Award with his prize being a family ticket to the local kids play centre :) Thank you for that.

When he returns in September he will be Year 3 but the school will have taken on a new look as it becomes the New Academy!

Tomorrow is his last day at school so its teachers gifts all round, I'll show those tomorrow and I dare say thanks to Mrs Cadman his reception teacher who also made me cry today, that I will be shedding tears again tomorrow!
Jacks first day at Reception - I cried for 3 days!!!! nightmare I know, I was just so sad
First day in Year Two

OMG i'm filling up looking at these pictures, look how different my little man is :( Wheres the tissues...

Even through the hard days I have to say that considering I was never maternal at all! Being a MUM is the best feeling in the world, thank you Jack and Riley for that :)


  1. Awe Deanne BIG ((hugs))...

    Sounds like you're a great Mum...XXX

  2. Aww he's so adorable! Take lots and lots of pictures; at least they'll always be that age in the pictures :)

  3. I was right there with you Deanne. My son had his year 6 leavers Assembly yesterday. He goes to High School in September!

    I was doing ok until they started singing the school leavers song and the lyrics just set me off big time. I was blubbing like a baby!

    Then afterwards one of his teachers (who is also leaving) came up to say goodbye and I dissolved again.

    I have a lot of history with this teacher has she had Josh after he'd had a really bad year with one cow of a teacher and she turned his school life around. She's fabulous and I can't believe she's leaving before Ellie's been in her class. I'm mortified so you can image what I was like when she hugged me!!!

    I left school with a very red blotchy face. Luckily it was raining as we got outside so it covered up the tears... a bit!!!

    They grow up so fast don't they.

    Fe x


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