Saturday, 25 July 2009

Testing Day

First I have to share my favourite photo of the moment with you :) Its blurred but I dont care, cause I think its just adorable. My beautiful old boy Louie (can you believe he is now 11 years old!!!) coming over to say hi :) Isnt he gorgeous, love it, love him sooo much.

Umm now on to the testing part of our day, we visited friends in Northampton yesterday and on the one way home going through a busy traffic light junction a Jaguar car decided to do a U turn right in front of us!!!
He was on yellow lines on the side of the road and we were virtually next to him as he swung out so quick we didnt get given a chance to stop!
So we ended up crashing right into him, and when your in a solid car like our BMW and we hit another solid car like the Jag at 30 miles an hour we came to an abrupt stop I can tell you :(
Luckily Tel myself and Riley are fine and not injured, although Tel's neck is hurting him today.
We hit the Jag that hard that it pushed his drivers door in so Tel had to prize it open to get the bloke out, and our car is mashed :( I love that blooming car.
So now we wait to see if the insurance company want to send our car to the scrapyard heaven or not :(

I'll keep you updated.


  1. Dear boy, you can see he's getting on, wise old face.
    Glad you were mainly unscathed, it's still a shock though isn't it?

  2. Awe, fab shot of Louie. Deanne you've just got to scrap it girl!


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