Saturday, 22 August 2009

Golden Oldies

Hmmm I've found a few photos that made me giggle!

This is me on my 7th birthday with my Mum just before all the party guests arrive, its at the beginning of December but I always woke up to the christmas tree which was great :) Although I really dont think I shall comment positively on the hair style ;)
We use to visit my Grandad alot down in Portsmouth, he use to drive the coaches back then and we had a great time
**funny how family changes though isnt it!! the girl in the pink dress is my cousin, we dont speak! well they say you can pick your friends and not your family dont they!**


  1. Oh my word!!!! You are your mother's double girl!


  2. And did you note that I didn't comment on the hair either?! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Families are funny things. Grandad driving a coach must have been cool.

    Cazzy x


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