Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Remember to smile

Crap title but I think we all need a reminder to smile sometimes for no particular reason especially as someone left me feeling pretty shitty about myself yesterday (sorry to be blunt but they did) 20 mins on wii fit boxing (once I'd pulled myself together) soon sorted that out
Anyways today is a chill out day this morning and then we are off to see an old friend and I cannot wait to see her, she use to be Jacks childminder before he started school and I havent seen her in so long.

I put together some mini bottle top pin cushions last night, I just need to pop to the shop to get some toy stuffing now to fill them :) they were quite fun to make

I'll leave you with a photo of Wicket, he's so difficult to photo because he's just all hair!! lol He has these gorgeous brown eyes that just never see the camera, bless him.
His current favourite bone which he has chewed half to death but when I try to get it off him, he runs and hides it :)


  1. BIG ((hugs)) Deanne hope you had a fabby day just chillin with your friend.xx


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