Saturday, 19 September 2009

Felt Heaven

I was feeling so inspired yesterday :)
I've made two big decisions, the first being I've closed my wedding website (although I'll still make wedding stationery for friends and family of course) and I'm turning it into a website where you'll find all my creations :)
I'll still continue with etsy and not on the high street as well of course.
So with all new things happening I created these
Coffee Sleeve
Scissor Holder
Egg Cosy
Tree Dec
and I have a further tree dec and a new embroidery hoop :) which I love

Hopefully the new website will be up and running by next weekend, I cant wait :)

The second big decision I'll explain at another date soon (its a craft one though)


  1. Gorgeous creations Deanne.xx

    Good Luck with your new website. Hope you'll have a blinkie we can snatch! :-D


  2. Yeah good luck with that. Whew! Momentous decisions. Loving that coffee sleeve, nod when they get into the shop, huh?

  3. Oh My You are `The Best` felter ever...Deann your so multi talented i love your creationsTFS:)xxx


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