Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Long List

What do you have in the pipeline this week! I have a ton of stuff - wanna share! lol

Some fun stuff, work stuff and home stuff coming this week though :)
  • A mini tutorial to display kids art work!
  • finishing the basics of my website to go live, then monthly updates of new designs after that
  • willow sketchie project
  • A give - a - way to one lucky reader :)
  • 5 bags of 'stuff' for the charity shop (thats for starters) Ebay listings, more cubby holes to gut out.
  • Corners of my home - I have being gutting so of course I am obliged to show pretty corners now and again :)
  • Baking...
  • and much more in the way of crafting and my daily homelife

Be sure to keep checking back for the giveaway details

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