Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My creative space

looks a little untidy at the moment!!!compared to the last time you saw it anyways! lol Its only because I've being sorting and repackaging my gorgeous new buttons for my crop and stores :)

Yummy arent they.

I'm sharing this post with workdesk wednesday and my creative space I'm off to take a peek around everyone elses now :)


  1. love buttons and ribbons and yours are just perfect. really lovely. i too have a haberdashery addiction it's a harmless vice really. saw your lovely felt pieces - v.yummy. by the way have you ever done any handfelting ? i have done a bit and it is very easy. you should give it a go.

  2. Delish....Deanne.xx Your buttons look soooo yummy. :-)

  3. Oh Yum, I LURVE buttons! I've been known to sit with mine in a heap just staring at them or running them through my fingers, lol!

    Will check out your Etsy shop later:)

  4. That doesn't look untidy, it looks like mine does right now! Only better! x


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