Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Its one of those days today, infact I'll go so far to say that its one of those months!!!! Hopefully September wont repeat itself.

Today I missed the allotment as I didnt feel too great this morning to be throwing a shovel around! I only have my bulb garden to plant and one more area to add green manure too and then I'm done for winter, bar harvesting my pumpkins and cabbages of course :)

I've made a new crochet coffee sleeve and new design felt coffee sleeve with a yummy felt stuffed strawberry which is good enough to eat :) but you cannot I hasten to add as it is lovingly handstitched onto a green wool felt sleeve, which is soon to be in my new one stop store
Everyday I'm doing a tad more to the garden, even if its just moving a spade from here to there, but its still sorting isnt it ;) We badly need to get a skip, which we are hopefully doing this weekend, fingers crossed.
Also today I baked some scrummy redcurrant cupcakes with frosting - ummmmm

Hope you had a good day x


  1. Oooh Deanne looks like you spent your time well. Your cupcakes look so scrummy. Ooooooooh.xx

  2. Wish I was garden motivated like you are.


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