Monday, 12 October 2009


Luckily I've had some schedule posts uploaded showing off challenges and goodies from my store as I've being a tad ill.
I'd felt quite achy all last week but it really hit me on thursday, it hurt so much the aching that all I could do Friday was curl up on the sofa all day and try to recover slowly *Hmmm bit difficult considering I have a very active toddler in the house* but to be honest he was really well behaved so I did manage to rest.
I had so many plans for the weekend visiting friends that they really got put on the back burner :( which I was so upset about. I managed to make the short journey to Stephs on Sunday *as I had kits to pick up and sort out ready for my crop next weekend* so a few cuddles from there gorgeous new puppy certainly helped lighten the mood :)
I left my camera at home, and just chilled for the day.
Also I've taken a break from most of my computer commitments this week too and feel so much better for it, so now I know its good to turn this darn laptop off once in awhile in the evenings once all things are done and dusted, have an early night or enjoy my crafting for me :)
I can see my weeks being ran like that from now on :)
Lots of updates to come this week :) Hope you are all well my blogging friends x


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. See, told you to have early nights once in a while! LOL. Early morning toddlers and late night mummies don't mix, they wear you down and make you susceptible to bugs and stuff that make you feel totally kak!


  2. Awe, Deanne sorry to hear you're feeling pants honey.xx Take care. Sending BIG cyber ((hugs)). Glad Riley was gentle with you! Gez.xx

  3. I would have thought the cuddle from me was enough to make you feel one hundred% better


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