Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Great fun

It was my second crop yesterday and it was fun :) I taught my first ever class and everyone enjoyed it and loved their end product.Cant wait for next month now as its our Christmas month! so we are having party food, card making classes and just fun fun fun with friends and our stash.
Thanks everyone for coming and all the photos and November crop details will be on the crop blog shortly :)
On another note, I was freeeeezing up the allotment this morning, but I'm happy now that my flower bulbs, garlic and red onions are now in for over the winter. I managed to get them all planted before the rain came. Just a few more bits to prepare for over winter then it will be general bits to do, as I'm moving my compost area so that needs sorting last.

Ever had trouble getting your children ready for school! Well Riley has got to the point now where he locks himself away in the dog cage!!!!!!! (strange I know) and hides all the time! So nursery told me to do it, so today was the morning that Riley attended nursery in nothing more than a tshirt and a nappy! (his clothes obviously packed in a bag) he didnt like that at all! so hopefully he has learnt from that.
On the other hand I felt awful and had to ring the nursery to check that he was okay, of which he was fine!
Boys eh...

*snapped this on my mobile - you have to dont you lol*


  1. I love your LO would you mind if I had a go at one similar?

    I have added your blog to my sidebar as I find you so inspirational I hope you don't mind

    Laura x

  2. Great LO Deanne love the shape. Lovely to hear your crop went well. :-) Good luck moving that compost spot. I don't envy you. I keep putting that job off!!

    Awe bless Riley. Soooo...fingers crossed Riley has learnt his lesson... It's hard but true Mummy's mean business. Well Done for going through with it. Sending BIG ((hugs)). Gez.xx

  3. Oh Deanne, they do cause us stress don't they :( At least he's learnt his lesson now, i hope! A great layout too, gorgeous pic. Hope you are well xx

  4. Bless him in Wicket's cage, even locking himself in so you can't get him out! LOL

    Lesson learnt I hope.xx

  5. Well Deanne, I think you should take the dog to the nursery and give Riley the dog's dinner!

    Cazzy x

  6. Love the star layout.

    And I'm sure the photo of Riley in the dog cage will be one to embarrass him with when he is older. lol



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