Saturday, 21 November 2009

Early start!

Eeeeeeek have to be up nice and early in the morning to get to my craft fair, but purely so we get a brekkie! lol gotta start the day right - right!
House looks like blackpool illuminations at the moment whilst I run around popping everything by the door and ticking off my check list (gotta have one of those!)

Joined a gym today with my best bud, I dare say a few tales will be shared on here! as nothing goes as smoothly as it should for us lol

and just because I'm ubber excited cause it was such a great night, I cannot wait for this to come out next week
Please santa, I have been a good girl :)


  1. Hope the craft fair went well, and Santa always know when you have been good!!!! :D

  2. Good luck today, hope it's fun and successful. He's watching. He knows!


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