Monday, 9 November 2009

Giveaway Winner

Sadly there are no photos of me picking out the winner, due to spending the majority of yesterday in hospital with my little boy, who now has suspected swine flu.
He was really poorly yesterday with a high temperature that just would not go down, and the sickness was awful.
He's now on tamiflu and has done nothing but cough all day today so he is so tired but cant doze off due to coughing himself awake! - vicious circle me thinks - bless him

I got my friend to pick a name out last night so I wouldnt keep you in suspense anymore :)

So the winner of my website giveaway is ...



Could you please email me here with your address details and I'll get your goodies in the post for you, once my little one is better if thats okay though :)

A new update will be late now for the website due to everything going on but there will be one very soon :) Click on the photo to visit my shop for current offers

**Fab image with thanks to google images :)**


  1. Oh bless him, get well wishes coming his way.

  2. Hope you all have a better night tonight Deanne. Hugs Gez.xx


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