Thursday, 12 November 2009

Much better

**updated to add, results finally came in and thankfully he didnt have swine flu, but a really bad viral infection** and relax...

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their well wishes for Riley, he is so much better now, although we still do not have the results of the swine flu tests! Thats another story in itself.
He's eating a little finally
and he's still got his gorgeous smileand of course he's certainly better due to his behaviour returning - lol


  1. Bless! What a sweetie - glad he is feeling better - and the bread and jam looks scrummy!


  2. So glad he's feeling better Deanne. Must be a great relief to you!!

  3. Good news. If you make me a jam sandwich I'll try and smile as beautifully as that!

  4. Thank goodness he's on the mend! Such cute pics, beautiful eyes and the toast has made me hungry! Great sketch too, there are some lovely DT cards (WSC)!

  5. when they are poorly you'd do anything to see them playful again and when they are well you'd do anything to see them sit still. mums - we're never happy !!! x


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