Thursday, 19 November 2009


I'm a day late posting this but I just didnt get a chance yesterday
I've added some notes so you can see whats on my busy desk, as of yesterday. You should see it today! you cant even see the table its covered in felt
I'm busy using the few spare minutes I have to put the final touches to all my goodies for my big craft fair on Sunday

Pop on over to Julias blog and join in :)


  1. Your desk looks very productive!!! Good luck for the fair xx

  2. Gift boxes look lovely; your desk is a riot of colour actually! Good luck at the weekend, let us know how you go...and hurry up and reveal those designs!

  3. Your late posting and I'm still huffinfg and puffing round all the desks trying to catch up before THIS wednesday :D Love the look of your desk, so much going on. Those gift boxes look lovely :)

  4. This is more like it ...I must have missed you last week


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