Sunday, 27 December 2009

and relax!!!!

Christmas goes so quickly doesnt it :( All that preparation, worry and rushing around and then its gone.

We had a good time, even with a few minor mishaps along the way! The first one been leaving the turkey out to defrost and whilst out the cat eating the wing off!!!! thankfully didnt touch the rest so after a bit of butchery it was fine, WONKY but fine!

Christmas night and snuggled on the sofa with a couple of biscuits from a tray pack! oops forgot to put them back in the cupboard, one said shih tzu!!!! ate the lot!

Our Christmas Tree has most certainly been trashed, the majority of the pine needles are on the floor and the tree is left with very bare branches! so tomorrow I'm sad to say but its a coming down!!!!

We are faulty towers i'm certain of it lol

Anyways back to the good stuff, Riley adored his choo choo train
and Jack was shocked to find he'd got an xbox 360
and out of his kindness he decided to give his cousin his ps2 and games - how sweet

Parents were here today for another pressie giving and now its time to relax again.

I'll leave you with one of my pressies of which I collect because I ADORE elephants so much, thank you baby :) xxx
**Tuskers - Having Snow much fun**

Be back to crafting heaven shortly, I'm currently re-organising my craft space, I mean how many times can you do it in one lifetime, are we ever truly happy with it lol x


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful christmas. LOL @ your cat and doggy. I can't believe your cat ate the turkey wing. Your kids look sooo happy. They are too cute! Happy Holiday sweetie! I hope you have a great New Year.


  2. Sounds like your Christmas was fun Deanne. Love the looks on your boys faces. Sounds like the dog & cat had a good Christmas too! lol!!

  3. hehe! Julia's comment! I think your cat & dog probably had their best Christmas ever! Sorry to hear about the tree. Glad the boys had a fab time. I didn't know you collect Tuskers... me too! not got any this year tho! Love your new heffalump. Will show my tribe in the morning.xx

  4. Bless you and yours Fab photo`s Deanne..
    happy New Year to you and your have a fab time:)xxx


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