Tuesday, 22 December 2009

JYC 17 & 18

I'm really enjoying working on my journal this year, I do a page as and when I can and take notes for the days I'm behind, but I'm managing to catch up :)

jyc 17 - Perfect Gift - Sadly I cant show this at the moment as the person who's gift it is stalks my blog!
I will show you some gift wrapping though :) I love to re-use packaging and sometimes they make perfect gift bags and boxes. Who needs sprinkles and confetti when you have buttons!
jyc 18 - Xmas Dinner - this is last years turkey :) Cant wait for this years


  1. I'm really enjoying your JYC.. you have the attitude that I wanted to it last year - take some notes and do it when you can. Of coure, I'm too stupid to have thought of that and worked myself into knots over it! Love the graphicy aproach and your pictures..ooh that turkey!

  2. Lovely pages Deanne. Well Done for keeping on track.xx


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