Monday, 28 December 2009

Needle - Less

Hmmm this is why our Christmas tree is coming down tomorrow!!!!After toys been thrown into it and a dog constantly walking under it, it hasnt lasted that long this year! lol
So long farewell oh tree, until another one next year x


  1. Deanne thanks - makes me feel slightly better, we are tree sisters! Am not letting anyone so much as quiver next to ours - we've got people tomorrow..and then it can be a gonner!!

  2. That's why I now have an artificial one! Been there, done that! HAHA!

    They look and smell gorgous for oh, at least a few hours before......!

    Invest in a really good one and it'll save you the needles each year.


  3. awe, Deanne you poor thing. ((Hugs)) you did your best honey. Our tree is looking rather sorry for itself! Tom has fallen on it. Rachel accidently hit it with her jumper while aiming at Ben & he has hit it with a football! Thank goodness with haven't a dog!lol.. Best Wishes to everyone in your family for a healthy, peaceful New Year. Love


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