Friday, 11 December 2009

New Beginnings

may be on the horizon. You see we've seen a house for sale that we would like, I mean literally across the street! We love living here and have done lots to our little home but the one with a few steps across the road is a little bigger and has a garage, larger garden and a conservatory!

So guess what, today our house went up

Its kinda scary but exciting too! I love our home so much as its the first one we've had as a family, I love the decor too but new beginnings and all that. So fingers crossed we get a buyer so we can hop across the other side :)


  1. Good luck Deanne. You will be able to decorate the new house when you get it! Will you have a bigger craft room?

    Cazzy x

  2. And just as you get your own craft room too! LOL Will you be getting another in the new house?

    Good luck chick! Fingers crossed for you.


  3. Go girl go! How exciting for you hunni. Sounds scarey but fun. We a facing a move in the new year! fingers crossed. this space. Hope your offer gets accepted.XXX


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