Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I cant help it I really cant! I do so many crafts that I enjoy but when I put them in my shop they just dont look right all together! I like things to be organised in that sense and to flow properly! Does that make sense!

Soooo with regards to my Etsy Stores I now have three because its easier and because they flow better :) so therefore I'm happier

Please visit the following and let me know what you think, obviously I'll be updating them daily so more will be in them :)

Buttons and ribbons
Felt goodies and
Paper goodies
I still have my not on the high street store which is going to have a few exclusive designs very shortly, more on that later

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  1. Great idea Deanne. Then if people search for stores like yours then you will be under 3 different catogories is that right? Good luck. Your creations are all fabulous.xx


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