Thursday, 21 January 2010

For the Love of


Elephants I hear you ask? I love them, always have, my heart beats twice as fast when I see them, they are such beautiful and graceful animals to me.
For my birthday a few years ago Tel surprised me by adopting an elephant I actually cried, I loved it :) A perfect gift for me :)

I've being meaning to for some time now choose a charity for a year long donation through the sales of certain handcrafted items of mine.
This month I've being working on something small and quick but pretty so I can start my charity on a roll :)
I'm making mini wool felt elephants with pretty hand embroidery designs and stuffed to the brim with toy filling :) They will be available in many different colours and during the year some larger ones will make an appearance including fabric ones too :)
At the end of 2010 I will make the donation of monies collected from sales, 20% of each elephant sale goes straight to the charity.
I will be keeping a banner in my side bar and I will update often to show progress of sales

The charity I hear you ask is this one The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, you may better know it as the tv documentary Elephant Diaries,
It would be a dream come true to stay in such a place for awhile and volunteer to help with those beautiful orphans, a real dream.
After contacting them they kindly sent me these beautiful pictures to share and print off, I adore them (tears of joy when I saw them)Sigh....
So watch this space by the end of the month my Quirky Boots Shop will be 'stuffed' with elephants for sale for a worthy cause


  1. What a beautiful gesture Deanne; I have a sister who reacts as you do...she will love 'em...I'm watching that space.

  2. Hi, Deanne.. Your secret stalker here.. had to comment because I share your love of elephants. I was fortunate to be taken to Kenya when I was a child on the holiday of a lifetime, back in the sixties. One of the things we did on safari was visit an animal orphanage where we got to feed some baby animals by hand.. rhino, water buffalo and two baby elephants. I didn't know who she was at the time, but we met this lady, too, who I learned many years later was Daphne Sheldrick.

    Also years later, I was watching a documentary and there was one of the baby elephants.. fully grown! Her name was Eleanor, and my dad remembered that she was one of the babies we had fed all those years before.

    Thinking of our holiday on safari in Kenya evokes the most precious memories of my life. Thank you for the nostalgic moment, and I wish you a mountain of sales this year! :o)

    Chris xx

  3. Gorgeous piccies Deanne, what a great cause and I hope you make lots of money from the ele sales.

    Cazzy x


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