Thursday, 7 January 2010

From art to bulbs!

Bit of a mixture of a post today :)

Sometimes when crafting I just want to sit in front of the tv and cut out card! So last night I drew templates around our christmas cards and cut out tags ready for next year, I was chilled and was recycling at the same time
I'm also in the middle of a new felt idea that will be sold exclusive through my NOTH St store, they will eventually be white but I'm using scrap felt to get the idea together first :)
Jack came home with some art work that he'd done in 'wet play' time at school, the snow isnt too bad here now but the kids still arent allowed out at playtime! so he drew this picture and asked me to put it in his art frame

Its the penguins of madagascar of course (just in case you were wondering)
and a pretty site when I'm at the kitchen sink (which is often) is my beautiful hyacinth making an appearance again

Thanks for popping by x


  1. Oooh,new felt stuff and ooh, the colour of that hyacinth and ooh, I think Jack's picture is greatastic.

  2. I love Jack's picture and the new felt thing looks interesting. Great idea to make tags with the xmas cards too....will be doing that as well me thinks!!!

  3. I admire your photography, it's brilliant. I love Jack's picture, especially the flying/flapping penguin! xx

  4. Your son's "wet play" drawing is wonderful I could tell they were penguins.

    Love your hyacinth - I can't have them indoors the family don't like their scent.

    Intrigued to find out what you are creating with that felt. Will check back in a few days. :)

  5. Deanne,

    Of course, it is obviously the penguins of Madagascar, they have a suntan!

    Cazzy x


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