Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I had a giggling fit of fun and laughter after the postman handed me a parcel this morning!

Remember this post about a cootie!

Well I couldnt resist it, I had to have one, and I had a fit of the giggles because it was sooo CUTE, him indoors was looking at me rather strange!
and this gorgeous little wee fella is the first one to make it to the UK :)
I want to collect more already! lol


  1. Official. You're a nutter! Your post made me giggle, the cootie thingy is erm, cute? In the eye of the beholder then!

  2. awe, he IS a cutie Deanne. I must be on the same bus as you lol.....I want one! Can't wait to show DD in the morning! brilliant. Do you know which one you're getting or is it a surprise?

  3. Ha! I think I'll go with Julie on this one :)


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