Sunday, 31 January 2010


Kind of a strange weekend so far!
Friday was great, I managed to go to the local hospital and donate my premature baby clothes, they were very grateful of which nearly had me welling me up :) Fantastic job those nurses do :)

Friday afternoon took Jack to the dentist and you now wouldnt know that he ever chipped his big front tooth thanks to some white filling, although now he's not allowed to bite down on things like apples or crusty rolls, he has to cut them up first! and he was fantastic considering its the noises that scare him in the dentist, he lay still and was - well just brilliant :) very proud

Friday phonecall - rang a certain department of government help!!! and was told something I'd enquired about on a number of times to now be told its different which kinda throws our world around a little, hence I spent a little time very upset and wondering how the hell we were gonna get through that one! :( Trying not to think of it now as I can feel myself getting upset again! :(

Saturday - A very interesting trip to London - Islington in fact - with friends, had some laughs and found out some important and very helpful information!!!
If your still here well done, hope I havent bored you!!!

and thats it so far really, today is Sunday and I am going to catch up on house things, cook a roast dinner, and hopefully try to relax as I feel I need it :)
To end with something to view, Riley had his first web cam chat with a friend the other day (who he made play hide with him lol) he was intrigued by it bless him
Enjoy your weekend


  1. Sounds like you've been a bit bussy love!!! you should have said you were in london i could have jumped on a train and we could have " done lunch " Lol !!!

    miss u - hope your ok and see yous soon xxx

  2. Glad I scrolled down to see how Jack went on. Sounds like he was really brave.xx

    Sounds like you've been through a lot just lately. Hope things have settled down. ((hugs)) Gez.xx


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