Wednesday, 6 January 2010


The first one of 2010, so come on whats on your workdesk?

Starting from left to right, I'm reorganising the drawers I have under the stairs as whilst I was making some new coffee sleeves last night I was getting into a tiz with my embroidery threads and buttons lol In the middle of the desk are two new coffee sleeves waiting to be photographed, my cupcake cuppa :) and going to the right side of the desk is the fabric conditioner I need to take through to the utility (but I keep forgetting! lol)

It took a while but I sorted my personal stash of buttons and threads out onto my window sill
and did you notice my new picture, I adore it, whilst I was shopping for christmas presents for friends, I fell in love with it straight away, just the saying was enough for me 'Love who you are' I think sometimes we all need a reminder of that :)
Pop on over to Julias blog here to play along


  1. I love the buttons and thread storage ... so much ... and the colours around your work area ... just lovely!

  2. I really enjoy buttons and beads and just love the colours.
    A x

  3. Hi, I stopped by to check your workdesk and became a follower..I just love your work and your blog.
    and love the cloth pin idea, I might just have to try that
    Hugs Normajean

  4. Your thread and button store is most impressive, I just need a magic wand to increase my storage area tenfold!

  5. Yes, love the picture Deanne :) Your threads and buttons look great in their storage. That pink on the wall would certainly cheer you up each day ;)
    Anne xx

  6. I totally love that picture. Want one of my own now. The getting in a tizz thing is dangerous - usually causes a massive Life Laundry session for me - couple of days of massive activity and weeks and weeks of smug tidiness! Love the new coffee holders - I'd be in like Flynn for the button-y one, but I can't remembr the last time I had a coffee in a to go cup. What a saddo!

  7. nice and messy-great. love the buttons in the jars and that picture.


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