Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I actually thought it was Thursday today so much so that I actually put the bins out!!!!!! and I was laughing at everyone in the street for not putting theirs out! duh!!!!

So today is Wednesday thanks to a sharp reminder after seeing Julias woyww post (thank you Julia lol)

Hmmmm so whats happening on my desk today! Sorting as always! Left to right lets see I have these from when I use to make nappy cakes and my first job Friday morning is to go to the SCUBU unit at Kettering General Hospital and take these premature baby clothes as a donation from moi

Then I have these in the middle of the desk, I've thought of something I can do with them for my Etsy Storeas for the In the night garden light, we wanted one for Riley at christmas but they were over £20 but last night I mananged to pick one up from Tesco for the bargain price of £7, no I havent taken it off him for my craft room I'm just charging it ready for tonight :)

So whats your space looking like today, pop on over to Julias blog to join in x


  1. what a lovely thing to donate those lovely vests to SCBU. I love nappy cakes (never eaten one tho) tee hee!! I think they're very clever and would love to have a go one day... I am now remembering as I join in this feature each week that you have the lovely bright pink wall!! Seems like a busy desk for you today.

    Paula x x x

  2. thats jut the sort of desk I like to see!
    My son had a nightlight like that but with Thomas the Tank, excellent design he loved it

  3. Love that PINK wall, and the fascinating clutter. Never eaten nappy cake either - is that a totally hygienic thing to do??

  4. Hi just popin in to have a nosey, lovely idea with the clothes what a nice lady, your desk is verging towards mine so far, off to have a nosey at the rest.
    Christine x

  5. I save all my spice and herb jars too great storage for lickle bits and bobs
    Great productive desk Deanne
    Hugs Susie x

  6. Now you see, I think part of us is the same....if I want to be sure to get round to soemthing, pay it attention, make it so...I HAVE to leave it on my desk. It's my 'to do' area. You are one busy Quirky woman!

  7. Cannot wait to see what you do with those bottles :0) Great and very interesting sorting desk today ... and every week I forget to mention that I totally love the name of your blog! Have a good day X

  8. Lovely gesture re: baby clothes :) Ooh wonder what you're going to do with the little jars?
    Anne xx

  9. I LOVE your desk, tis like mine, I even spy the left over raffia from WSC card..oh the joy of being untidy...IT ROCKS!!xx

  10. What a bust space you have there today :-)
    A x

  11. Sorting is good.... do you think you'll ever get finished??? Great to donate to teh baby unit... Quirky Boots eh? Mkes me think of Kinky Boots, seeing as how you live in Northamptonshire an' all!


  12. oh I love baby clothes, especially when they have babies in them, what a great idea they do such great work my nephew was 10 weeks premature and weighted just under 2lb he is now 21 and 6foot tall but still doesn't weigh much more !!!
    Hugs Pam x


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