Friday, 5 February 2010

Homemade Heart!

Alisa burke did a Healing Heart tutorial that I've being thinking about now for a couple of days, I was thinking about how I would portray my heart and what its gone through over the years, what I'd use, what would go where and so on

So last night I sat down and really tried to think about it, I cut out a heart shape on material and hessian and the rest is history!
Actually I dont quite know what happened my hands ran away with me and I was stitching without thinking about it at all, but I made it within an hour (I should have gone to bed as it was quite late at this point but I just couldnt stop and I so badly wanted to see the end result!)
I finally finished and stared at it thinking is that really my heart portrayed
and I believe it is...
I dont want to bore you with the full details of why everything is where but just to guide you I have a pretty shimmering fabric over my hessian, a mask which I believe I've always tried to use to protect my heart from hurtthe buttons, yes I adore them but again, layers and layers, sometimes dont you feel that you get thick skinned from comments or mental torture that you've been put through!
My heart on a few occasions has been ripped open so badly and so painfully that it must be stitched up and repaired (not fully) in so many places
but... turn my heart over and you'll see something very different, very colourful very bright, thats me screaming to get out, I love quirky I love different, I love neatness (hence the very neat stitching) I'm tightly bound to my heart now as its finally showed me what true love is, and thats my little family, my boys and my man :)

How do you think your heart will look if you try this!


  1. beautiful Deanne!
    i am going to try and find teh time to make mine this weekend xx

  2. oh my goodness!! I love it- they are beautiful!

  3. Wow, what a brilliant idea and I love your heart! I hope you treasure it, it's unique xx


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