Monday, 22 February 2010

Pretty Glass

I am so into coloured glass at the moment, I'm sure I've mentioned that at some point! I'm waiting for either a shelf to be put up in my craft room so I can show them off, or I'm waiting for us to move house before I bother to unpack them! I cant quite decide, in the meantime I bagged these whilst at MumsThe green vase was from Mums 'Salvation Army' charity shop that she volunteers for (it cost an amazing 10p) and the two mini glasses were my familys and are very retro dont you think :)


  1. Wao what a very nice pretty glass. i like so much. thanks for sharing it.

  2. 10p now that is a bargain girl! As for the other two, they are so funky and scream out Easter! Don't you think? I can just imagine a little chick poking his head out the top lol xx


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