Thursday, 11 February 2010

Production Line

Today I sat in my craft room for a while doing nothing but thinking!
I start something I put it down unfinished and its so annoying (well it got to me today anyways!) so I looked around, and so as not to stress myself I'm starting a production line, with obvious 'have to do that first or else' then onto the small things then the larger things :)

Honestly in my head its all working out :
  • So far today I can cross off finishing putting the mini kits together and the 'Valentines' surprises (dont you just love running a crop cause you can come up with all fun things to do - hehehe)

  • Application form safely in envelope and will be posted first thing tomorrow!

  • Design Card done! (not my most fav card but I kinda lost my mojo but I have to go with it now :( as I ran out of time to do anything else)

  • Some freebie magazine stuff that I will never use has being given to my lovely elderly neighbour :)

  • Other freebie magazine stuff has been made into cards for my Mums WI group (only one more batch to do and then finito - well for now)

  • Stamp designs (yes you heard right, a whole 6 months I've had these babies lying around on paper and in my head, but they are finally going to be born!)

Doesnt sound like much but believe me all that, takes up way too much :) Slowly I will get through my list and a huge thanks for all the lovely comments on my mini book basket, one has being taken out and will be worked on tomorrow :) so will show very soon

Until then I'll leave you with thisa new range of one off albums available in my Etsy store here

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