Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Running late today! So whats your workdesk today, mines a tad messy with bits of this and bits of that really
Hmmmm what could these strange straws be all about? You'll have to wait I'm afraid!
and swinging to the left and down a little you can see the state of the floor lol hopefully you can see the wording okay
As for yesterday I was blitzing Rileys bedroom and wow it looks so different now
Why am I running late posting today! Jacks bedroom, he's in for one hell of shock when he comes home I can tell you!!!!
Pop along to Julias blog and join in with everyone, its great seeing different workspaces :)


  1. love your boxes with their "floating labels" - if only we could have floating labels in real life so that no matter where we put the box we'd always know what was in it at a glance!!

  2. Always nice to visit your desk with that lovely pink wall ;) The little labels are a good idea so we can see what's what :)
    Anne xx

  3. Great crafting space! loving the pink walls and the bunting :)

  4. Another ingenious idea for the straws, no doubt. And the stray battery - to charge up your ideas?!! Man, I make myself chuckle! And SOOOOO good for you for clearing out the littlie's deeply impressed!

  5. I love coming over to your blog - its always nice and colourful. Well done on featuring it the ETSY thingy again.

    Paula x x x

  6. Floating labels do sound a good idea. Love the picture sat on your plugs. Poor Jack... hope he didn't get too much of a shock!

    Hugs, Gez.xx

  7. Lovely jubbly! Look at all that mess everywhere! Creative clutter, as all your projects are wonderful. Love the valentines banner too.



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