Friday, 5 March 2010

Breakfast in the Park!

Yesterday I arranged for Riley and I and some friends to go to the country park for a good ole walk, play and breakfast, it was required to blow cobwebs out of head and boy it felt good

Breakfast consisted of croissants and fresh fruit salad and mighty hot cuppa all in the outdoors
We got there so early we managed to have a play ourselves ;)

Amanda found this great fun
and I just can resist it either
I lost count how many times we went on it, so much fun and lots of fits of giggles had :)Riley loves the rocking car
and whilst he was exploring through the trees
he kinda got stuck! lol bless him
and as for this photo, well I dont know why but I just love this area of the park and I'm always taking photos of the same tree! so thought I'd share it, I played with colours a little and used the 'crossprocess' on photo editor

Will be doing this more often, a great way to start the day

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  1. Great pics Deanne, looks like you all had a blast xx


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