Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Meeting Friends

I love it when you build a relationship with people online and become best buddies, see each other through the ups and downs, highs and lows.
Well my lovely friend Linda is one of those, I've known her for over four years now and we've only ever met twice, Saturday just gone being the second time.
I drove to Norwich and spent the day there with her and her daughters and grand daughters :) and pups!
I say pups because its thanks to Linda that we purchased our shih tzu, you see her Ruby and our Wicket are from the same breeder

Ruby is soooooooo much more tiny than Wicket, but I had lots of cuddles
Her daughter Leanne popped by and I had lots of cuddles from baby Connie
and lots of giggles from this little madam! she is certainly on par with Riley I can tell you
The drive home was a bit of a nightmare, took an extra hour due to roadworks and then the diversion signs disappearing, thank goodness for sat nav is all I can say! When I saw a sign for Kettering I actually screamed out loud lol

I had a fab day girls thank you :) x


  1. Oh we had similar weekends Deanne, aint it marvellous, this interweb thingy!

  2. The girls are too cute! Ruby is adorable!



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