Friday, 26 March 2010

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

On this post here I made this card with a ribbon flower
I enjoyed making it so much I've made some and tutorial for you

For the flower above I used some sheer ribbon that I had in my stash but for the tutorial I'm going to be using some wide wire edge ribbon

Ribbon Flower Tutorial
Materials needed

strips of ribbon - any length depending on how big you want your flower
needle and thread
button (or you can use a brad)
and scissors

Firstly fold your ribbon strips in half

Then tuck the bottom edges in on themselves

Turn over so the tucked edges are at the back and sew your button onto your ribbon

It should look something like this

Keeping adding your folded ribbons to the back of the button and stitch each one in place
Your finished flower should look something like this, because this is wired ribbon you can shape how you want to as well

Another example with some grosgrain ribbon using a brad and to add some extra bling I popped a diamante on the top of the brad

Another easy peasy flower tutorial
Again a pdf download is available for you here - free of course :)

If you manage to make one, make sure you leave a link so I can come and peek
Thanks for popping by

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  1. This is fab Deanne..I love sifting through and catchin up with your beautiful creation..You are so Insprational..TFS
    Hope your all well:)xxx


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