Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Hello all you woyww-ers :)
I'm late posting today, well later than usual but I've had a busy day, nothing major just busy with friends, post office runs and seeing Jack in his Victorian Tea Party at school.
Right onto today - erm *hangs head in shame* its 'proper' untidy!
Since the weekend i've done nothing but repackage and re-photo goodies, and work on new designs. I'm practically designing and making something new everyday, I'm loving it
So before anyone asks i'll try to answer the obvious questions :)
The pink room still exists at the moment we havent had a moving date but we believe it may well be May time!
The cat biscuits on the left, are not my new style of treat - honest they are the boys (as in the male cat variety not my human boys! lol)
That huge ball of string cost me £3 at the local car boot last year, and i've already used half of it :) I use it for everything including my new packaging
The costa cups are used (i do love a 'medium soya latte to go) but used to check the sizes of my cosies once made
and the white frame with black inner on the right side is a wall art i've just finished making! Dont quite know what to do with it at the moment, it may well end up in my Etsy Store :)
and as for this little lot, I love love love love love the vibrant colours of the wool felt I use, and they all look so yummy yummy together, although if anyone knows a cheaper place to buy 100% wool felt I'd be very interested to hear where that is *huge beaming smile* please
Ooooh theres some brooches that need to be photographed ready to go on sale too :)

Busy busy busy finding things to do for the Easter Holidays especially if the weather is suppose to be as bad as it the weather man says!
I have lots of Easter craft goodies that I bought from Tesco last year, all half price hehehe so thats something for the weekend

Please remember to pop on over to Julias blog, she is the goddess of woyww and if it wasnt for her and her fabby idea I would never have seen so many fantastic craft spaces :)


  1. No room for crafting on that desk today :-)
    A x

  2. Where would we be without our lists honey. :) Hope you make time for a cuppa sometime soon.xx
    Will keep my eyes peeled for felt. Hugs, Gez.xx

  3. That wall art is fantastic :) Don't know anywhere cheaper for wool felt, it is quite expensive to buy compared to other fabrics I think.
    Anne xx

  4. That is PROPER PROPER PROPER untidy ... I LOVE it :0)

  5. 99 followers needed rounding up ... see they look a bit tidier now too ;0)

  6. wow there is NO space on your desk, are you going to tidy it up???

  7. i think that your desk shows just how busy busy busy you are. Glad you have some idea when you'll be moving - it gives you something to work towards with the packing - plus the weather might have picked up by then - its really no fun moving in the rain...

    still hoping that you have a pink craft area in the new place...

    Paula x x x

  8. Yep ...have to say that is untidy cant apply the 'shove to the back' technique so I recomend the 'pop it on the floor' method lol

  9. But where do you make all the stuff you put in your shop, cos it can't be on that desk!! Nice to have a moving date, hopefully May will bring better weather for the hike across the street.


  10. Love your desk today - nice and messy so a very interesting snoop!
    You could show a bit more of the wall art ha, ha...
    Have a lovely Easter


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