Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tea and Cake

Do you do that! You know, sit down at the laptop and think 'uh forgot me tea', always gotta tea whilst browsing :) and nothing goes better with tea than cake! (well apart from honey sandwiches but we'll leave that for now)
Some fun stuff for you
How fun are these, I got mine from here, I dare say i'll show you once I've used them
I'm desperate to find the perfect recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes
Loving this
Hmmm imagine everyone running towards you for a cake!

All sourced from google images :)


  1. Yum - tea and cake, are you trying to make me hungry! These are so cute though.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Wow you have had fun! Couldn't wear a dress like that though, I'd be naked in minutes!

  3. Hmmm `delish` but I am on a diet!!!!!!
    well see food on!!!haha...
    seafood and eat it more like
    Have a great weekend Deanne:)xxx.....

  4. YES!!! ALL of the time!!!! only for me, it is light coffee!!!! <3<3

    best in Christ,

  5. I love this recipe for red velvet cupcakes:

    When she made it as cupcakes, she only used 1 cup of oil, so I tried that, and it came out perfect! :)

  6. You are back Deanne, these pics are lovely, thanks for sharing.
    I was wondering if you sent out the box templates I bought from you yet as I still haven't recieved them?
    Hope your new home is coming along :)
    Katie x


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