Monday, 6 September 2010

Fab Weekend

I have to say I've had a fab family and friends weekend, the last of the school holidays as Jack is back to school in the morning.

On Saturday we popped along to Emberton Country Park near Olney (which is a beautiful village location with tons of gorgeous shops)
We wanted the boys to have a good ole bike ride and Emberton is the perfect place as its a gorgeous country park but surrounded by one very big path

Jacks only just got his confidence properly on his bike and we were so proud of his achievement this weekendWicket didnt like being too far from me! bless himDaddy and Riley stopped for a pose on these fab cutout sheep - I cannot wait to scrap this picture, Rileys face is a picture! lolEven though it was quite busy, it was so peaceful too :)our picnic was pretty lush toothen it was home to a friends spur of the moment bbq - fun all round

a relaxing day for me today as I was out with said bbq friend at a craft event looking for possible stall holders for the monthly craft market I co run, then popping to shops here there and everywhere having a girlie day :) bliss

back to alarms being set - not that there needed in this house thanks to Riley, better get to bed or knowing my luck i'll sleep in - thanks for popping by

Deanne x

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  1. Sounds like a blissful weekend. Fingers crossed it can be repeated real soon. :)


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