Monday, 8 November 2010

A tad bit lapse

I really have being a bit lapse with blogging lately and I do miss it - like lots
I believe its a mixture of illnesses, family time, finding our feet in our new home (still taking me awhile) and my mojo being left in my previous home maybe.

I use to be so organised! That went out one of the windows sadly.

Now so's as I dont bore you to tears, I am having a major time management issue, I just cant fit everything in, but theres nothing else left to let go! so to speak.So over the weekend I gave myself a good telling off and set myself some working hours, so I dont feel that everything needs doing at once.

Quirky Boots is being tackled in the mornings whilst Riley at nursery and after the general day to day housework, also a bit in the evening to catch up with orders and the designing and creating of new goodies

Avon is being tackled with days to collect and deliver brochures, deliver orders and recruiting and training as and when it arises.

Family and Home time are super important because with Tels odd working hours (as in we never know what shift he's on!) theres never enough hours where we are all together at the same time.

Fingers crossed it all works :)

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