Monday, 1 November 2010


Its all over and done with now but we certainly had some fun

We had our first halloween party this weekend so we were very busy dressing the house, cooking, baking and dressing up ourselves :)
I'm kinda hooked on doing fun pumpkins each year now :)

I made the table cloth by using up a huge muslin sheet I had and throwing loads of fake blood over it, although saying that you cant really see that by this photo! lol

Next year I think I'll use it for a back drop!

Wicket had his own little outfit and was getting lots of cuddles and scratches, he was loving it :)I got some super vampire fangs from the fancy dress shop and they stick over your teeth with a putty, and i'm proud to say that they actually stayed in all night and I managed to eat and drink and be merry too lolDid you have a good halloween :) We loved it, cant wait till next year now :)

Back soon with new crochet and felt updates, I'm busy finishing off odds and ends this week so I can have a HUGE shop update

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  1. Does look like you all had fun and glad to see you managed to get a costume. :)

  2. How freaking cool!! Love the pumpkin and those spiders coming out are just brilliant.
    Looks like it was fun :0)


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