Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dont you

just love garden centres, especially at christmas
My friend Amanda and I popped over to our local one today and we were both oooh and argghhhhh
I fell in love with this huge fella, can you tell I was a little excited to find him lol
Amanda fell in love with this gentle giant
and to top off our day we had lunch, how super gorgeous is this leek and potato soup with croutons and chunky granary bread and butter for lunch :) *sigh*

I love days like today that just arent planned :)


  1. So did the reindeer come home with you? hahaha or is he on your Christmas list?


  2. I too adore the garden cantre, kids too but for different reasons! Hubby loves the plants, I love the nic nacs and the kids love the play area!
    Great day out because everyone's happy!'
    Did you get the reindeer? He's adorable!


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