Wednesday, 19 January 2011

4, Four, yes 4!!! and a rant...

Our little man turned 4 yesterday *sigh*
He's a pain to be honest, hard work, fiesty, but also adorable, loving and cute and we wouldnt have him any other way

but now i'm going to have a little rant - family! what is that all about. I personally thought especially when you are a child your family throws open their arms and welcome them in with so much love - boy am I wrong
Apart from our immediate family as in both our parents no one else bothered with the boys birthdays, now dont get me wrong i'm not expecting anything, but they are family and if they couldnt even supply a card! then something has to be wrong!!
Children dont deserve to be treated like that by so called family especially when they live so close, so as you can imagine I am upset, deeply upset, not for me, but for my boys.

Well they missed on their gorgeous smiles when opening 'cards' and been grateful for those that had bothered.
Personally I've had enough and as the saying goes 'you can choose your friends but not your family' well I've just chosen my family and who is dear to me and the rest - goodbye.

This may seem like a horrid rant i'm having (its very rare that I would do this on my blog) but I am just so upset by all of this - I personally am having issues with my own father right now and I just dont need 'people' to make me feel this way!

Rant over - hopefully - but I still dont feel calm :(


  1. Bless you. I can speak with experience here when I say surround yourself with people who love you and appreciate you. Life is not a dress rehearsal and should be good. Don't let them get to you or they are winning. Put it behind you and move on. Enjoy your gorgeous sons and dont let others change all the best bits of being a proud mum.
    Big hugs,
    A x

  2. Oh Deanne, sending you and your boys big (birthday) hugs!
    I completely know where you are coming from, and in my eyes blood is NOT thicker than water. I've not spoken to my Mum in over 6 months. She's a big waste of space and like you say...I don't need that! As far as I'm concerned, she's thrown her family away. She really doesn't deserve what she has!
    Keep smiling :)
    Hugs, Katie x
    (Thanks for letting me rant on!)

  3. A rant is always good now and then ...... you go ahead this is afterall your space. :)


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