Saturday, 1 January 2011

A brief look into my new years evening, although I cannot find one photo of Jack lol I think my little man was avoiding me

Me and my man, my sing star, nothing like a platter of cheese, moi and lubbly friend Steph

moi and lubbly friend jane, my homemade chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut puffs (recipe coming very soon), my boys and moi :)New Years Day consisted of a very well earned lie in, bestie turning up with her lovely grand daughter so I got lots of cuddles and was not broody for one moment, nope not at all - honest! Followed by a blooming lovely cooked dinner and right now chilling adding the final touches to my crochet scarf range :)

Thank you to everyone for following me for so long, hope to bring you lots and lots this year :) x

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