Sunday, 16 January 2011

Yesterday we had another christmas present opening session, my parents couldnt make it down over christmas and new year as they were pretty much snowed in where they live.
I made a big pot of spag bol for lunch which went down a treat

Heres the kiddies shredding their wrapping paper to get to their gifts, my neice Megan lives with my parents and I cant believe how much she's grown since I last saw her! She's in big school now!

My mobile phone comes in so handy for taking quick photos, I really need to invest in a camera for my handbag, my fuji s7000 is just to big to cart around all the time, but its perfect for my online shop photos!
Any small camera recommendations would be great - thank you x

We're having a family day today, off to the country park for a bike ride (well the kids anyway) and lots of fresh air, and maybe a mini picnic - enjoy your sunday x


  1. What a lovely looking day. In terms of cameras can I put in a shout out for the aldi ones.
    My mum got the one (or similer- it was a few years a go) with 6x digital zoom for about £90! And it came with all the necessary kit - no buying a camera and then buying the memory cards etc. Also, when it got broken she just sent it off and got a replacement one (comes with 3 year warranty). The only problem is, they don't have the cameras all the time - one comes up in their special buys every couple of months.

    Anyway, hope that was somewhat helpful :)

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