Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Your Home

Theres so many inspirational magazines out there its difficult to choose one that fits the bill and ticks all the right boxes
Well I do believe I think I've found it - and its only £1.99!! - bonus - I've been reading this for quite some time now and its the only magazine I buy, thats right I dont even buy craft magazines anymore! The your home magazine is monthly and crammed full of design and colour inspiration, fantastic decor eye candy, a crafting section, recipes - its brilliant, its the perfect magazine minus all the 'my boyfriend slept with my mums aunty!' jargon

As if they couldnt improve on anything, they've also got a website with even more monthly inspiration :)
Go check it out, this is really a one stop gap into magazine heaven :)
This month they have a tangerine and grey decor inspiration in the magazine and I'm totally in love with it and I can see this been my new bedroom colour :)


  1. I'm a HUGE magazine junkie, and I have sometimes bought this one, done't think I have for a while though, so I may have another look at it.

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