Friday, 11 February 2011

slowly does it

Its a slow process getting a website designed and updated, I keep changing my mind about the layout of the whole thing, the headings, the groups, the sub groups! nightmare - but I am slowly getting there

My little Riley is covered in the pox so tends to just flop on my lap so I cant move, or last night was the worst as I got no sleep due to a very tearful boy who couldnt understand why he was itchy and why it hurt so much - heartbreaking :(

To keep me planted on planet earth, its our craft market this Saturday and its a Valentines theme so if you do live in the kettering or surrounding area, please pop by and say hello, we also have a little tea shoppe now as well so you can enjoy a hot beverage and purchase a cake to enjoy or take home

Heres a peek at my progress x

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